New Webinars Series on INOCA

A new webinars series regarding myocardial ischaemia without obstructive coronary disease is now available on the IHSA website. This series of webinars was brought to you by PCRonline and is dedicated to the management of patients with ischemia and non-obstructive coronary artery disease.

The series includes 7 webinars where healthcare professionals discuss together many complex issues to teach and educate others on INOCA. They are:

  1. The problem of INOCA
  2. What causes INOCA
  3. Interventional functional procedures in INOCA
  4. Microcirculatory remodeling as a cause of INOCA
  5. Vasomotor disorders in the epicardial vessels or the microcirculation
  6. Stratified treatment of INOCA: from the cathlab to the outpatient clinic
  7. INOCA in specific scenarios

Many of these webinars are presented by some of the IHSA supporters: Prof. Javier Escaned, Prof. Colin Berry, Prof. Angela Maas, Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Tremmel, Prof. Divaka Perera, Dr. Vijay Kunadian, Prof. Filippo Crea, Dr. Peter Ong, Prof. Udo Sechtem, and Prof. Martha Gulati.

Click here to discover the complete webinars series.

The International Heart Spasms Alliance (IHSA) would like to thank PCRonline for granting us permission to share their webinars on the IHSA website with our viewers.


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