About IHSA

A common thought, purpose, and goal brought us together. We may have been strangers from around the world, but our paths were destined to cross.

Who We Are

In the span of five years, different Facebook support groups we created and participated in united us in a common goal: to do better. We have different backgrounds and experiences, but this condition appears to be as elusive as a unicorn in fairyland. There is no cookie cutter approach because each person is unique and does not present the same symptoms.

We came together to unite our voices and thought, “what if there was one place for information for patients, their support system, and clinicians to partner together to solve this problem.”

Mission Statement

International Heart Spasms Alliance (IHSA) is dedicated to supporting those affected by unseen heart issues. These include (but are not limited to):

  • coronary vasospasms
  • vasospastic angina
  • Prinzmetal angina
  • variant angina
  • coronary artery spasms
  • microvascular angina.
IHSA serves both the patient and medical communities by educating, informing, and enlightening them to help achieve earlier diagnoses, better treatments, and support research into these conditions.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where Coronary Spasms and microvascular angina are quickly, and appropriately, recognized, treated, and respected with the patient at the heart of care. In this way, we strive for overall support to live with vasospasms, microvascular angina, and other hard to diagnose heart conditions.

Community Foundation

The International Heart Spasms Alliance (IHSA) has established a charitable fund through the Community Foundation for The Alleghenies (CFA) based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. CFA is a foundation that was started over thirty years ago and includes over 815 funds with over eighty million dollars in assets.

The foundation allows us to be a charitable fund and, in turn, enables donations to be tax deductible in the United States.

Our Partners

The International Heart Spasms Alliance (IHSA) is proud to have such amazing partners working with and supporting us. We continuously seek to work with other organisations who share our values. With our partners, we endeavour to assure our future successful growth and further positive influence.

To learn more, send us a message and let us know more about your organisation and how we can work together.

Meet Our Founders

Terri Shumaker

  United States of America

Diagnosed over 20 years ago and still being dismissed and doubted at times. Thankful for the clinicians that help and advocate for myself when necessary.

Cindy McCall


Mother. Nanny. Registered Nurse and life long learner. Daughter was twelve when diagnosed after a STEMI (heart attack) that was caused by a spasm in the LAD (left anterior descending artery) in 2010.

Sarah Brown

  United Kingdom

Since my diagnosis I have received life affirming care. However, I still sometimes feel it is as though I am asking clinicians to believe in unicorns in fairyland when I ask them to acknowledge my diagnosis.

Annette Pompa

  United States of America

My heart journey started September of 2010. Cooling down from a run, I remember thinking, ‘I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t run.’ I would find out.

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