Our Vision

International Heart Spasms Alliance

IHSA is a global initiative lead by experts through experience. These are patients who are living with coronary vasospasms and microvascular angina, while also working in a collaborative equal partnership with clinicians.

We are on a proactive, worldwide, mission to spread comprehensive heart health literacy. Our website will provide accessible, reliable, accurate, and contemporary information. This will allow insight and knowledge on how this chronic condition impacts patient quality of life and long term outcome for heart patients.

With the latest research and personal experience, we aim to provide a holistic approach, which will give broad support for patients to live their best life with this often debilitating and life changing chronic health condition.

Our objective is to reduce the time for patients to receive an accessible and reliable diagnosis, while also promoting patient-centred, and evidence based, treatments. This includes local, national and international management protocols and treatment strategies. Through an equal partnership with clinicians, we will support research into the causes of coronary vasospasms and microvascular angina connected to this. We will continue to support health professionals providing all aspects of Cardiology care, so they may apply their knowledge with compassionate expertise to patients.

Our vision is a world where Coronary Spasms and microvascular angina are quickly, and appropriately, recognized, treated, and respected with the patient at the heart of care. In this way, we strive for overall support to live with vasospasms, microvascular angina, and other hard to diagnose heart conditions.

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