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This section contains research articles and links to further relevant information about Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (NOCAD) and heart disease. All articles are published with the permission of the authors and are free access articles.

If you are a researcher and would like to have your research published on the IHSA website, get in touch with us today to find out how. Other great sources of information can be found on the following organisations’ websites:

The British Heart Foundation –
The American Heart Association –
The Australian Heart Foundation –
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada –
The British Cardiovascular Intervention Society –

International Groups

COVADIS – Coronary Vasomotor Disorders International Study Group –
Women And Cardiovascular Disease Commission –
PCRonline –
Global Heart Hub –

Learn more about Coronary Vasospasm and Microvascular Angina

Vasospastic angina – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
Coronary artery spasm: What is it and what are the treatment options?
What is microvascular angina?

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