Prof. Colin Berry

Colin Berry is Professor of Cardiology and Imaging in the University of Glasgow and Consultant Cardiologist in the NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow, where he is also Director of Research. He is a member of the COVADIS international scientific consortium that supports research into small vessel disease.

Professor Berry’s research group focuses on the causes and consequences of small vessel disease in the heart. He has led practice-changing clinical trials including CorMicA and TTIME. Current trials include CorCTCA, CorCMR, iCorMicA and PRIZE. His research is focused on identifying new, disease-modifying (ie. life changing) treatment for cardiac small vessel disease. Professor Berry advocates for increased recognition of these conditions by healthcare providers, research funders and guideline groups. He supports initiatives to raise awareness of heart disease in women.

His research has been supported by the British Heart Foundation, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Chief Scientist Office, European Union, Medical Research Scotland, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and Wellcome Trust.

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