Prof. Anthony Mathur

Anthony is a Professor of Cardiology at Queen Mary University of London and Director for Interventional Cardiology at Barts Health. He is also an adjunct Professor for the Department of Medicine, Yale, and an Honorary Professor at University College London and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Anthony sits on several international advisory boards, ranging from academic (European Society of Cardiology) to charity (Heart Cells Foundation).

Anthony specialises in interventional cardiology and the management of heart failure patients who have failed conventional therapy. He aims to develop new techniques and devices to treat these patients who fall outside the remit of current recognised therapies. His research interests primarily concern the role of stem cells in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and, to date, his research has received over £25m in funding. Of this, £15m was for translational research. Several of his programmes have international recognition, including an adult heart stem cell research programme and a novel stent development programme. He has formed an international consortium (UK, EU, South Korea, US) to develop a biodegradable, stem cell vascular stent into a new therapeutic. He also leads a collaborative group with Prof John Martin (UCL) seeking to address the role of stem cells in the treatment of cardiovascular disease – this led to a large series of clinical trials translating the interesting results produced by basic experimentation into relevant therapeutic approaches in man. Anthony was also the CI for the largest first Phase III trial of cell therapy in acute myocardial infarction. Alongside this, he is a Trustee of the Heart Cells Foundation Charity and heads their Compassionate Treatment Unit for Heart Failure. This dedicated stem cell programme is the UK’s only centre to treat compassionate heart failure patients with their own stem cells.

Anthony also leads Queen Mary’s Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine and Devices which links university and hospital researchers. Within this Centre, and as part of an on-going collaboration with Yale University, Anthony leads the EU-funded Cardiovascular Devices Hub. The CVDHub supports collaborations between academic, clinical and industrial innovators to develop clinically and commercially viable cardiovascular devices. This novel, cross-specialty unit helps UK SMEs over the hurdles involved in taking new innovations from laboratory bench to patient.

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