A loved one's perspective

Mary and I would take long walks in our town. We walked for miles, visited shops, laughed, talked, took photos, and enjoyed the day.

The onset of her health decline became evident when she no longer had the endurance that she had only a short time before.

She had extreme fatigue, pain, and shortness of breath after very little exertion.

After some time, her doctor recommended cardiac catheterization to rule out a blockage.

When the nurse came out to the waiting room and informed me that they were transporting her to another hospital immediately, because she had a blockage, things got very scary.

It turned out that she had a 99% blockage of the left anterior descending artery (LAD) – the widow-maker!

A stent was the remedy that the surgeon saved her life with and we thank God that this miraculous medical procedure is available. We learned a lot in a short time about cardiovascular medicine. Especially about the Prinzmetal Angina, that presented itself over time. It was a slow process in diagnosing this often overlooked or ignored condition. It’s important that people become educated about it and advocate for themselves so that they can get the help they need.

It has been challenging. But slowly, and surely, she has made great strides. It took years for her to be able to arrive at a new normal.

We still take long walks, in and beyond our town. We just do it mostly from the car these days.

Larry, husband of a loved one

  United States of America

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