A loved one's perspective

In 2000, my daughter moved with her 4-year-old from Victoria to Queensland and commenced a personal training course. She had episodes of SVT and had chest pain on and off at rest.

In 2005, she had a successful ablation and, although she fainted afterward, recovered quickly.

However, bouts of chest pain continued and, on a visit to QLD, I noticed she had a grey, gaunt appearance. Visits to various GP’s were unsuccessful.

Whilst visiting, an ambulance was called. Paramedics didn’t take her seriously due to her age and fitness level. I felt sorry for my granddaughter – these occasions became more frequent. The Emergency Department also didn’t take her seriously at first.

A number of cardiologists did not do anything, until one actually diagnosed her with Prinzmetal Angina in 2010 and wrote a paper using her as the case study. This was published in the Singapore Medical Journal. She was put on preventative medications, a plan for hospital admissions, AND TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

Once the paper was written, my daughter realized that she had a Myocardial Infarction secondary to Prinzmetal Angina. So far, there was no permanent damage. I am thankful for this and her wonderful, supportive partner.

Despite all these difficulties, my daughter managed to finish her Diploma and Bachelor of Nursing and enjoys her work immensely. She has a supportive work environment which assists in not triggering her. She has found associating with positive people and relaxation exercises useful. She also plays A grade softball and sees her daughter and two grandchildren regularly.

Annie, mother of a loved one


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