A real patient story

In February 2020, I had a VF cardiac arrest.

My memories start a week after the event when I awoke in ICU.

I was confused and initially unable to move. My family were at my bedside and told me what had happened.

Amazingly, I had survived not only the arrest, but also aspiration pneumonia, sepsis and a stage 3 acute kidney injury requiring dialysis.

Two weeks later, I left the ICU for the cardiac ward to rebuild my strength. In March 2020, I had an ICD implanted and left hospital 3 days later – just in time for lockdown due to the Pandemic.

Two weeks later, I was awoken by intense chest pains in the early hours of the morning and my son called an ambulance. The paramedics performed an ECG which showed a possible blockage and I was rushed back to hospital where the ECG was normal again! I was scared and refused to close my eyes for the rest of the day! A consultant booked an angiogram for me. The Angiogram performed was a provocative test and gave a clear diagnosis but was abandoned due to severe coronary artery spasms.

Since April 2020, I have been working on my physical recovery. Already disabled by CRPS, my progress has been slow. I attend trauma-based therapy weekly to help me deal with depression and anxiety, following my arrest.

I use the art of quilling to help focus my mind and have presented some of my larger pieces as gifts to the amazing people that saved my life.

Suzanne, aged 53

  United Kingdom

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