Lucille Dana

I was first approached by IHSA to build a website presence to help spread awareness for those affected by unseen heart issues, more specifically Coronary Vasospasm and Microvascular Angina. Seeing as these are very important issues to me, I accepted the opportunity without hesitation.

“I am truly honored and proud to be a part of something so special that will help make a difference for others struggling with these often overlooked cardiac issues.”

I am a skilled and experienced website developer and graphic designer from Montreal, Canada. Since 2006, I have helped businesses and organizations establish their brands online by building successful websites. I have worked on over 1,500 website development and graphic design projects with clients in various industries and have successfully launched websites for businesses of all sizes. I have been approached by companies and organizations to help design their brand, which often included the creation of a custom logo design, various business card and flyer designs, as well as other marketing material.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to International Heart Spasms Alliance’s work by building this website. I firmly believe in this organization, which has great potential, and which will undoubtedly be successful in helping those struggling with these often-misdiagnosed serious heart conditions, by bringing both the patient and medical communities together.

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